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Nuna, Kristull Annunciata

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Starcastle Hounds Thundercloud

DOB Aug 16 2002


Monica Bockholt,Lillkyrka, Sweden

Color: cream sable with brindle points
Size: 53,5 cm/21.05 inches
MDR1 clear
Heart - normal
Eyes - not checked
Thyroid - not checked
HD Excellent
Last vertabra medium deviation = sacrilasation (one side of the pelvis is slightly higher then the other as a result)

Tors pedigree

SBIS SuSVK W-03, W-05
Kristull Rowan

Kristull Incognito Kristull Decadence
Windauer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Z Mystery Kristull Chili
Windauer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Omniscense
Kristull Feathered Wonder Kristull Falcone
Windauer Sadie of Rhyka
Windauer Kristull Windsong Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Kristull Amalie


Siblings: Hoppsan, Dimma, Åska, Lines







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