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Nuna, Kristull Annunciata

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SSWK W 08 Starcastle Hounds Beeper
DOB May 22 2007

Owner Kjersti Jenssen, Tromsö, Norway
See Kjertis Norwegian site with her dogs Beeper and Dina

Color: self,  cream, born with a faint silver mask and silver shadows on thighs and upper arms, heavy shading on tail
Size: 55,5 cm/21.85 inches at 7 months
MDR1 - carrier
Heart - normal
Eyes - normal at 2 years
Thyroid - not tested
HD - not tested
Last vertebra not tested


Beeber was BOS and Winner 2088 at the Vida Vättern show 2008.


SBIS SuSVK W-03, W-05
Kristull Rowan
DOB: March 18 2001

Kristull Incognito Kristull Decadence
Windauer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Z Mystery Kristull Chili
Windauer Kristull Windsong
SSVK Jr V-05, V-05
Starcastle Hounds Fire Alarm
DOB: Feb 19 2004
Starcastle Hounds Netscape SBIS SSVK V-05 
Kristull Northern Lights
Kristull The Surprise
Starcastle Hounds Firelizard SBIS SSVK V-05
Kristull Northern Lights
Kristull Omniscense


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