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Nuna, Kristull Annunciata

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Starcastle Hounds Sunset

- 2006 (car accident)

Kicki Wikman-Jonsson, Sweden

Color: self cream
Size: 54 cm/21.3 inches
MDR1 not tested
Heart - normal
Eyes - not checked
Thyroid - not tested
HD - excellent
Last vertebra normal

Dimma was the Swedish obedience Silken. In addition to obedience she also did agility and free style.
She also did some modeling.

Dimma on the catwalk and in a fashion magazine


Dimma with her brother Tor

Dimma with her sister Hoppsan
Dimma 3 years old


Dimmas pedigree

SBIS SuSVK W-03, W-05
Kristull Rowan

Kristull Incognito Kristull Decadence
Windauer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Z Mystery Kristull Chili
Windauer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Omniscense
Kristull Feathered Wonder Kristull Falcone
Windauer Sadie of Rhyka
Windauer Kristull Windsong Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Kristull Amalie




Siblings: Hoppsan, Åska, Tor, Lines





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