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Nuna, Kristull Annunciata

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Omni BOS at the Vida Vättern show in 2007, 11.5 years old!!!
See the judge's report from the show
"And my Veteran Bitch/BOS/Best Bitch ONE showed it all EXCELLENT SHOULDER LAYBACK MISSING IN THE BREED IN MANY! Kristull Omniscense (over 11 yrs)and still moving so well!"

Kristull Omniscense
April 12 1996 - May 31, 2010

Owner: Susann Stjernborg, Starcastle Hounds

Breeder: Francie Stull, kennel Kristull

Omni 11.5 years old


Color: self, cream, supressing black (brown pigment)
Size: 49 cm/19.3 inches
MDR1 carrier
Heart - normal
Eyes - normal at 2 and 7 years of age
Thyroid - normal at 10 years
HD - excellent
Last vertebra - normal


Omni is the foundation of kennel Starcastle Hounds

Omnis pedigree

Kristull Feathered Wonder

Kristull Falcone Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Stillwater Kristull Peacock
Windauer Sadie of Rhyka Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Kristull Darque Decision
WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine Kristull Incognito
Windsprite Autumn Jazz
Kristull Amalie Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Windsprite Autumnal Diane








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