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Pet quality vs show/breeding quality

Silken Windhounds have a two tiered registration system.

Every Silken Windhound has to be evaluated as an adult by the breeder or a person that is the breeders designated agent in order to be considered show/breeding quality.

Even the most promising puppy may grow up to show only pet quality as an adult.
It can be an incorrect bite, size outside the standard, other stuctural faults or a health problem that have been discovered while the dog was growing up.

Pet quality dogs will stay forever on limited registration, i. e, they are barred from breeding and can't register offspring.

A dog that is considered show/breeding quality can be raised by the breeder to full registration if it is also DNA-tested.

If you want guarantees the dog you buy can be bred, you have to buy an adult or an older youngster. Small puppies can be promising, but no guarantees can be made about their future development.

As is custom in Sweden, all puppies from Starcastle Hounds are sold as companions, they may or may not be promising, but they are never sold with guarantees to become show/breeding quality.

Some puppies may be designated as pets from the beginning, they are still perfect companions but will not be raised to full registration. Price for such puppies will be heavily reduced.







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